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How Promotional Gifts Will Help Increase Sales and Brand Awareness

promo gifts - How Promotional Gifts Will Help Increase Sales and Brand Awareness

Promotional gifts have been a longstanding favourite with marketing executives for many years. Their popularity is not predicted to decrease as is evident by the number of promotional gifts that are given to potential and current customers and clients by businesses every year.

Almost anything can be turned into a promotional gift – the only limit is your imagination! From pens, rubber ducks and snow globes to mouse mats, stress toys and car stickers – if you can put your logo on it, it will do the job perfectly! In some instances, the more quirky the promotional gift, the more memorable the brand!

The use of promotional gifts has shown to significantly increase sales and the awareness and perception of a particular brand. The question is – how do promotional gifts help companies to do this? Here are some interesting ways promotional gifts can help your business.

  1. Attract Customers

Some reports have shown that if a promotional gift is offered with the purchase of an item, customers will often opt to purchase this item over one that does not come with a gift. Let’s put that into context. The idea of a free gift has attracted the attention of a potential customer and they have changed their buying habits to purchase your product and you now have the opportunity to retain that new customer, therefore increasing your sales level.

  1. Exposure

Most recipients of promotional gifts say that they keep the gift for a year or more. This means that the recipients of your promotional gifts have a longer exposure to your company name or logo that they would not have with a billboard or flyer. Also, people that come into contact with the recipient may also see the promotional gift and it may stick in their minds also, widening your target audience even more and therefore increasing sales.

Not only that, but many people say that rather than throw a promotional gift away, they are actually more likely to donate it, increasing your business’ reach even more!

  1. Creates a Good Impression

They say first impressions are the most important and this is especially the case with a promotional gift. Receiving a free gift from a company immediately sends a good message to potential customers and creates a real feel-good factor. This sentiment is then brought to mind when the recipient thinks of your business as the favourable impression is remembered. Giving people a promotional gift that is useful such as a mug, pen, magnet or reusable shopping bag, goes that one step further in creating a great impression of your business.

So, as you can see, promotional gifts are a fantastic way to increase your sales and bring your brand to a wider audience. They are a powerful marketing tool and one that has definitely stood the test of time. That’s why companies all around the world continue to turn to this long-standing marketing favourite to improve their sales performance and get their brand out into the public domain.


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