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Door Drop Mailers

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Door Drops Made Easy…

Now that high volume colour printing has become so affordable, door drops have soared in popularity, with advertisers looking for a way to reach the domestic mass audience for less. Door drops work because people read them – it’s that simple! Unlike worktime emails or in-store promotions, people tend to be far more receptive to advertising that comes through their door when they have fewer distractions and more time.

What is it that compels us to read one door drop mailer and completely ignore another? In most cases it comes down to appealing design and the ability to structure and balance content correctly. At Upper Case it’s a skillset we’ve developed for over 15 years. That means we’ll ensure your mailer makes an impact, is memorable, and hammers home your message quickly and concisely.

It’s all about designing for response and knowing how to trigger that response at the right time. If it’s your first time doing a door drop, we’re on hand to explain the process, including queries on the various postal delivery methods and how to select the best one.

Upper Case can come up with the ‘big idea’ for your door drop. We’ll create a compelling design and some ‘killer’ copy that will drive response. Once designed, it will be printed to the highest standards, counted, batched and organised for delivery. You can get us to arrange distribution also – we deal with An Post and most of the private leaflet distribution companies on a regular basis, so you don’t have to. We can handle every type of door drop… from a simple A5 or DL leaflet to a complex multi-part fold out. We can die cut special shapes, add detachable reply cards, even build in tracking codes so you can measure each campaign. See how hassle-free the whole experience can be by allowing us to fully manage your work from start to finish.

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