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Email Design Made Easy…

According to surveys, the No.1 reason why businesses lose customers is simply that their customers forget about them! New customers are hard to come by and maintaining contact, while not easy, is critical in helping to nurture relationships. That’s where email design┬ácomes in. Email design, in the form of newsletters, bulletins, promotions and brochures can be fully personalised. We can address your customers by name, with tailored content, specific to their interests and needs.

Not only can Upper Case produce your email design, we can also show you how to achieve amazing open rates and real interaction. We do this by creating compelling designs. We’ll also help you to clean, format and manage your databases, so that you’re targeting the right people, with total accuracy. At the end of every email design or campaign, you’ll get a detailed report of how it performed so you can justify every euro spent. It’s our winning formula and one that we have proven to yield serious results for our clients. Not only will Upper Case can help you to stand out from the crowd with our impactful designs, we also offer very competitive prices, that will inspire you to invest in communicating with your existing customers.

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