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Common Logo Design Mistakes

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The easiest way to recognise a brand or company and to tell it apart from its competitors is by looking at its logo. For that reason, companies do their utmost to ensure that their logos are designed effectively and have the necessary affect on the general public. However, not all companies get it right and so to help you avoid that trap, the following are some of the most common logo design mistakes that should be avoided.

  1. Too much detail

Many companies try to do too much when it comes to designing a logo and there is sometimes the thought that a complex or ‘clever’ logo will impress the masses, but this is not the case. The most successful logos are simple yet extremely effective. Think of the golden arches that represent McDonalds or the iconic fruit symbol that signifies the technology giant Apple, these logos are simple and unfussy yet they are instantly recognisable and massively effectual. When designing a logo, the general rule to stick to is ‘less is always more’.

McDonalds Logo

The McDonalds logo is simple but effective.

  1. Hard to read fonts

Successful logo designs should be easy to read and professional looking. While a particular font may look stylish or trendy, if it is difficult to read, it will not have the impact that you desire. A good tip is to choose a font that represents what your company is all about or the type of image you want to convey. Similarly, some companies choose a script font in the belief that it looks classic and elegant. However, these types of fonts can be very hard to read and they can sometimes look a little out-dated.

  1. Not scalable

While much time may have been spent in designing the graphic and choosing an appropriate font for your logo, all too often, how the logo will look in all sizes is overlooked. Your logo should be easily read and be recognisable in both billboard formats as well as on a smaller scale such as on a letterhead or envelope.

  1. Designed by amateurs

A logo is one of the biggest assets a company can possess, which is why it is worth spending that little bit more and having it designed by a professional graphic design company. Many companies try to save some money by allowing an amateur to design their logo; not only does this result in a poorly designed logo but that logo, in turn, will then reflect poorly on that company’s overall image.

  1. Too many colours

There is no denying that colour is an important element of any business branding, and this is especially true when it comes to designing a successful logo. However simple choosing appropriate colours may seem, there are many companies who choose to create a logo that incorporates a spectrum of colours, thinking that this mish-mash of colour is vibrant and memorable. In most cases, this is not the end result as a clash of colour in a logo can look confusing and muddled. In addition to looking unappealing, a logo will lose any impact it might have when reproduced in black and white.

By avoiding some of these common logo design mistakes, you can create a logo that represents your company, and one that is recognisable and effective in setting your business apart from that of your competitors.

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