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How To Get The Most From Your Direct Mail Campaign

However advanced technology has become, direct mail campaigns are still one of the most popular ways for businesses to retain existing customers and to attract new customers. It’s very hard to beat that personal touch which can be achieved through a direct mail campaign and giving potential customers a tangible reminder of your business is a very powerful marketing tool. Here are some tips to ensure that you get the most from your direct mail campaign.


  1. Contact theRight People


As there is a cost involved in running a direct mail campaign, you will need to make sure that you are contacting the right people. Ensure that you’re doing so by keeping a database of existing customers’ contact information and update it regularly so that you can reach them easily with your direct mail campaign. If your goal is to acquire new customers, it may be worthwhile purchasing a customer list from a reputable marketing company. In this way, you can receive a list of potential customers that have been identified as being most likely to benefit from your product or service.


  1. Include Promotional items


In order to avoid your direct mail being thrown in the trashcan, you should include something for the prospective customer to remember you by or something that gives them greater reason to retain your direct mail. Giving coupons for a discount off the first order is often a very good tactic to achieve this. In addition, you can also use QR codes (mobile barcodes that allow the prospective customer to link with your business straightaway). You can also include menus or calendars if your marketing budget allows you to do so.


  1. Includesomething for FREE


Another great way to get the most from your direct mail campaign is to offer the existing or prospective customer something for free. This could be a free consultation or a free quotation – whatever the free gift may be, the prospective customer can see the very obvious benefit of having nothing to lose by contacting your business.


  1. Personalisethe Message


A personalised message presents a great opportunity to reach out to new and existing customers so make the most of that opportunity. Stand out from the crowd by using a brightly coloured envelope, which should also include your name and/or logo. You could also include a message on the envelope that will immediately grab the recipient’s attention and prompt them to open it.


  1. Focus on the Benefits


A common mistake with a direct mail campaign is that businesses focus too much on listing the features of their products or services and fail to highlight the benefits. New customers are generally not interested in reading a list of features which may sound great – they will want to know how their everyday life will be improved if they purchase your product or service, so tell them!


A direct mail campaign is a fantastic and reliable way to reach out to existing and new customers. To be most effective, ensure that your business has a well thought out strategy using the tips that are outlined above – if you do this, the success of your direct mail campaign will be guaranteed.


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