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5 ways display signs can help communicate your company’s brand

When considering the marketing mix for a brand, you really can’t afford to leave out any of the tried and tested traditional advertising methods, and that includes signage. In fact, while signs may seem to be one of the most humble ways to advertise a brand, there are actually many positive benefits that may not be immediately obvious. In this article we’ll take a look at just five of the most important advantages that a good display sign campaign can provide to your business.

  1. High volume impressions at low cost

All of the other major forms of advertising mediums typically rely on broadcasting a message over a very wide geographical area. To get this kind of coverage, you have to pay comparatively high prices. Signage, even when it is mobile, doesn’t have this ability to reach widely spread audiences simultaneously. What it does offer, however, is the ability to make impressions on the same audience within a given geographic range over and over again. When you consider the low cost involved, this can be a great value opportunity, especially if your business is likely to get most of its trade from within a limited geographic range.

2. Traditional display signs are efficient

Because signs are intended to capture the attention of people rapidly passing by a fixed point, they are engineered to convey an effective message as efficiently as possible. When this is done very well, you can create a lasting impression with an audience, which at best may be expected to see your sign for just a second or two. This is one of the key reasons why big brands like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s invest heavily in these types of signs.

3.Now that signs can be digital, you have more choices available

Digital signs can allow an individual company to deliver a more complex message about a brand if desired.  When your ad has the potential to capture the attention of some passers-by for more than just a second or two, the digital option means you can put on a real show. Digital signs also allow multiple companies to time-share static sign advertising from one location, which can help bring the already low cost down even further.

4. Digital signs can engage audiences with full interactivity

Technology has resulted in smarter signs that are able to interact with audiences that pass by them. Extending that amazing feature even further, digital signs can allow an interested audience member to develop a richer relationship with your brand by enabling an opportunity to interact with your ad to find out more information on the spot.

5. A well-designed locally placed display sign has the potential to get global exposure

Signs are now better value than ever because if your creative designers can come up with a concept that really resonates, amuses or horrifies your audience on a local level, there’s a very good chance they will share it on a global level using technologies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. The key is being creative and original enough to make people want to share your creation with others.

While signs are certainly not the only marketing opportunity for your business, they are proven to work, cost effective, and in the case of digital signs, they can engage audiences in new and innovative ways. The tendency for people to share interesting sights instantly on social media has the potential to help you achieve more market penetration than you’re actually paying for, provided that you genuinely can make your sign an interesting sight.

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