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Re-Branding Your Business? Here’ A Guide Of What To Do.

Whatever the reason for your re-brand, there are several advantageous marketing opportunities that will evolve your brand so that you can stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace. As you’re probably aware, any re-branding scenario will require a detailed analysis of the current marketplace and how best to re-enter it. There are several common strategies that every re-brand should consider as well as several easy to avoid pitfalls that you will likely run into. The main idea of any well thought out re-brand will be to execute a well-organised and thoroughly researched strategy that both repositions and revitalises your business.

You can start by taking heed of the following do’s and don’ts when it comes to rebranding your business:

Do Hire a Graphic Design Consultant

Getting an outside perspective from a graphic design professional is key to understanding how to re-brand in any market and how you handle the relationship with the consultant could potentially make or break your re-brand. Getting an outside perspective may mean hiring an agency with no other clients in your industry, which may be outside your comfort zone. But getting outside your comfort zone is exactly what getting a new perspective is all about so don’t be afraid to consider it as a serious option. If you push back too much with your consultants, you are essentially defeating the purpose of the re-brand.

Don’t be Afraid to go Big

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the scope of your re-brand you may want to take a step back and re-evaluate your goals. Don’t be afraid to actually follow through with all your over ambitious plans. A superficial re-brand will come off as forced and may hurt things even more in the long run. An organised, adaptable and long-term strategy will ensure that your goal of creating a new, better brand will be reached. The cost may seem big at first, but the potential payoff is there if done right.

Do go back to Basics

Basic business strategy applies very poignantly when it comes to a re-brand. Common mistakes like not doing enough research or basing your whole re-brand on advertising are to be avoided at all costs. Another common issue is staffing which can result as too many chefs at the top deciding on the strategy and spoiling the proverbial pot. Decisions with serious implications should be decided by only a few people to keep the re-brand strategy efficient and its processes streamlined.

Do Use your Common Sense

Most of the do’s and don’ts to a re-brand are common sense and include:

• Do re-imagine more that a new logo

• Don’t think that a new logo will be enough to change the internal and external perceptions of your company

• Do hire a local graphic designer to design and build your logo to get a really professional job

• Check out our Blog Post for Why you Should Hire A Local Graphic Designer.

• As well as getting external insights (as outline above), do look for internal feedback too

• Do build a new brand that’s real to your business, and reflective of your goals

• Even it it’s what you think your customers will want, don’t build a brand that’s not authentic to your business

Good business practices and a fresh perspective on your vertical market guided by thorough research into current best industry practices will yield an effective strategy to build an entirely new brand for your business. But remember, for your rebranding to be a resounding success, your approach to your rebrand must be intentional and proactive, rather than a reaction to new business conditions such as new markets or mergers.


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