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Some Simple Tips for Creating a more Effective Exhibition Stand

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For new businesses looking to get noticed or for established businesses looking to promote a new product line or service, trade shows, exhibitions, fairs and even shopping centres can be great places to create awareness of your new brand or product.

However, there is always competition with each vendor vying for prominence among the numerous stalls and exhibitions on display. It can also be an expensive proposition to not only obtain a space but to get the right equipment and spare critical staff from the office.

This means an exhibition stand has to be highly effective. Not only is it critical to have a bright clear display that draws attention while getting across the key selling points of your product or service, your display also needs to be practical.

Here are a few key pointers to keep in mind when putting together an effective exhibition stand for your business:

Make Sure it is Easy to Set Up

If a display can draw attention while also being easy to move and  erect then it not only pays for itself but also saves you time and energy in transporting and setting it up. The simpler a stand is to set up the more time you have to spend on promoting your product. Pop-up displays are lightweight and can provide a high quality display in a matter of minutes.

It is worth doing a practice set-up in the office before the event. If you can be set up and ready to go while everyone else is still putting their stalls together it will make you look more professional and effective.

Clear Concise Messaging

Attendees have limited time at an exhibition or trade show and they want to see as many stalls as possible. Many of the attendees may only give your stand a momentary glance. It is important to try and put across your unique selling proposition so that they can grasp it even if they only give it a moment’s attention.

Pique the Buyer’s Interest

Because attendees have so many different stalls and stands vying for their attention, the ones that stand out are those that stir the buyer’s curiosity. Piquing the buyer’s interest can lead them to ask questions, giving you a chance to actively promote your product.

A display that manages to be concise while also sparking curiosity will result in a very successful exhibition.

Create a Comprehensive Brief for the Designer

The designer laying out your exhibition material will be able to provide you with a distinctive and attractive display but they will never know your business as well as you do. The more detailed a brief you provide the designer, the more effective an exhibition display they can design.

Complement you Exhibition with Promotional Gift Items

Exhibitions and trade shows are the perfect place to employ promotional gift items. Promotional gift items are an effective means of reinforcing your branding. Be sure that company logos and colour schemes for both exhibition displays and promotional gifts are coordinated.

Choose the Right Team

An exhibition stand at a trade show or similar event represents a significant investment of resources. Be strategic in who you bring to the event to optimise this investment. Consider who will be able to bring the most potential customers to your stand, who knows your business the most and who is best able to explain and promote the benefits of your business.

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