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Can I get proofing?

Where the process/print press allows for economical press proofing we are happy to do so. You will then possess a 100% colour accurate proof of your work, in many cases it can also be printed on the correct material stock also. If you have exact colour requirements, we may advise printing a series of test strips showing several colour options, shades or percentages of your desired colour. Particular colours to look out for are blues and purples. Blue and purple are in a very similar range of colours and can be easily miss-represented by your computer monitors calibration.

Collection & Use of Personal Information

By submitting your data, you are providing us with some level of personal information. This information is not stored on our website database. However, in order to respond to your enquiry, your data is emailed to our website’s email address where it is saved. Additionally, if you choose to subscribe to our mailing list, we may use your contact details to send you marketing material in the future. You may unsubscribe from any emails you receive following our first reply. We do not pass your data on to any third parties.