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5 Classic Slogans from Irish Brands

It’s a tried and tested formula and at the end of the day is a simple but incredibly effective way of getting your product on peoples lips and keeping it there. The challenge of course is to find that catchy advertising slogan that people just can’t forget.

Even the smallest brand can take off in a big way with the simplest of slogans. Here we look at a few of the most famous slogans used by Irish brands to keep their products on the tips of our tongues over the years.

“So fresh its famous.” – Pat the Baker

It always helps if you can roll your slogan into a catchy little song. That’s just what Pat the Baker did way back in the 80’s along with a colourful animated TV spot. The tune still rings in our ears today, bright and early every morning…

Pat The Baker

“Guinness is good for you.” – Guinness

Guinness have become the masters of marketing over the years but this early slogan established the beginning of their marketing mastery. Later slogans would include other Guinness classics like “Good things come to those who wait.”

Guinness is Good for You

“The fillet of cheddar.” – Kilmeaden Cheddar

This one is a little left field but it comes from the kind of creative thinking that produces the best slogans. Not only is it simple enough to be catchy it manages to give what could be just a plain old block of cheddar an air of sophistication.

The Fillet of Cheddar

“Every day should have it’s golden moments.” – Barry’s Tea

Barry’s first ever TV commercial hit us with this snippy little number. It had to be good because it was up against Lyons tea’s “Extra quality, extra flavour, Lyons the quality Tea” jingle.

Barrys Tea Set

“Today’s bread, today.” – Brennan’s Bread

Between Pat the Baker and this one from Brennan’s, bread manufacturers seem to have the lions share of the slogan market in Ireland. Nothing could be simpler than this slogan, it’s only two words.

Today's Bread Today

What Makes a Great Slogan?

Brevity is obviously an important ingredient in a successful slogan. No one is getting a paragraph of text stuck in their head. Like the chorus of a catchy pop song the slogan needs to be short enough that it can roll around in your head over and over again without getting too annoying or tiring.

Alliteration is a technique that helps phrases to stick in people’s minds. “Guinness is Good for you” and “So Fresh  it’s Famous” use this well. Its not just about having the same sound repeat, it must also  have its own rhythm.

What makes creating a successful slogan so challenging is not only do you need to make it short and memorable, you also have to speak to the qualities of your product that you want to promote.

Brennan’s slogan is a great example of this. At face value it is almost nonsensical, what other type of bread are you going to have today? But the implication of freshness is obvious. It tells its audience that their bread is delivered fresh everyday, freshness being the ultimate selling point of any bread.

However the tone and pacing of the the two words and their repetition creates a sense of comfort and familiarity. “Today’s bread today.” doesn’t just tell you that the bread is fresh, it suggests the feeling of warmth and reassurance we get from eating that most nourishing and essential of foods.

So finding that perfect slogan to promote your brand might take weeks or months of trying out ideas and reflecting on the qualities and characteristics of your brand, but once you get it it comes in a flash. And its potential value to your company could be priceless.

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