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50 point insider’s guide to direct mail success. Part 1

1. In direct marketing it’s important to realise that there are three types of services or products and your direct mail efforts will vary depending on the type you are promoting.
– Items that require a good deal of thought before buying are called ‘shopping items.’ the best way to promote these items is with direct mail letters so you can have the necessary space for extensive copy.
– Items that we need on a regular basis are called ‘re-order items’. These items are best promoted using self mailers.
– Items that we don’t need but buy anyway are called ‘impulse items’. These items are promoted best with either self mailers or direct mail letters.”

2. Catalogues should be used to mail information about all three types of products or services. The shopping items encourage the study of the catalogue. The re-order items will encourage saving the catalogue. Impulse items will encourage immediate reading of the catalogue.

3. You are judged by your first impression, therefore, your envelope should have a printed message to encourage the recipient to open it.

4. If You print ‘teasers’ on the envelope of your direct mail, they must be relevant and arouse the curiosity of the reader.

5. Your envelope can convey many things such as, quality, authority, a great bargain, valuable information inside or urgency. Prioritise the one that works best for your campaign.

6. Self maIlers are very effective in business office environments because they get passed around to the other employees.

7. Never have a paragraph of more than seven lines in any direct mail letter.

8. Consider usIng a handwriting font for the return address on your envelope. It will create a more personal appearance to your

9. Another way to make your direct mail look more personal is to use envelopes with pointed or square flaps that imply an invitation rather than business letter.

10. Have a “p.s.” at the bottom repeating your offer and contact number (80% of people read it!)

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