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ePromos Made Easy…

For most businesses, doing their own ePromos is a little like trying to date a supermodel…. No one knows how to do it, everyone wants to do it and when you try to do it, it usually ends in failure!!! The pitfalls are obvious – you’ve got time and design constraints, constantly changing lists, bounced emails, spam filters plus the risk of being blacklisted as a spammer. But rest easy, because help is at hand. To be honest, the team in Upper Case don’t know much about dating super models either but we know a lot about email marketing. We deliver high performance email and newsletter campaigns that help your business build relationships, promote your services, make sales, and gather data. We tailor your campaign to your specific needs to give each campaign its best chance for success.

Here’s what we do:

  • We create visually stunning emails that can be read by all
  • We give you full results for every campaign so you know who and how many contacts are engaging with your message
  • We can help you build and clean your email contact lists
  • We provide promotional ideas and creative input
  • We make sure it gets out on time, every time

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